Here you can get to know the bunnies. These are all bunnies I personally created from second hand (clean) socks that were donated to me. Up until this point I have worked on two sets of projects but have ambitions to do others in the future.

Chinese Arts Centre Whisper Residency (2006)

Here you can see all the 20 bunnies that I created on my Residency. Click on a bunny and you be able to find out more information about each bunny e.g. their adoption information, foster photos & adopter’s blogs. Please go to the [RESIDENCY]┬ápage to find a more in depth look into why and how I did this project.

Note to 2006 Adopters: In this new site I have disabled log to new bunny blogs, however you can still go to the [ORIGINAL SITE] and update that if you so wish like before. If you would like to add something to this new site please do not hesitate to contact me and I can add it manually for you.

plAAy Exhibition (2008)

These bunnies were made for the plAAy (Contemporary Asian Art) exhibition in Blackburn 2008. This second project was not done as in depth as the 2006 one so there is no details on each bunny (though if enough people update me i will add information. 8 of 10 of these bunnies have been adopted by people have meet in the adoption community.