Paper Work

This is the paper work Bunny Adopters were asked to sign to.


– You adopt a sock bunny at your own risk.
– Bunnies have been handmade from clean second hand socks, stuffing (hollowfiber) and tread.
– Please use your own discretion if you are planning to give these to children or animals.
– Please sure that the stitching on the bunny is to your satisfaction before leaving. If your bunny becomes damaged after the initial adoption, there is not guarantee that the artist will fit it.

Bunny Availability

– Currently there are only 20 bunnies available. Showing up to the adoption day is no guarantee you will be given a bunny. I have finial say who gets one.
– Some bunnies will have a greater interest then others, and I cannot guarantee you will get the bunny you want.
– If you cannot make the bunny adoption day please e-mail me in advance if you are serious about adopting.


– If you are successful in adoption you are obligated to update the web log for your bunny for 2 months min.
– If it is felt that you have not fulfilled your obligation you maybe asked to return the bunny at your own expense.
– You will be given a password that you can use to update the section for your bunny only.
– You will be given a password and username that you can use to update the section for your bunny only.

Personal Information

– I will need your name and contact information, which will only be used for this project so that I can update you about what, is happening for the project, general contact for the project and news on any other events that may occur as a result of this project.
– Your identity will remain anonymous on the website, unless you choose otherwise by posting personal information to relive who you are (however this is not recommended).

Web Entries and Site

– Offensive or illegal material edited/posted on the Sock Bunnies site will immediately be removed and you risk having your sock bunny take away and all posting pillages stopped.
– The opinions and thoughts posted by bunny adopters and bunny birth parents may not reflect my own, however I feel that a degree of freedom to expressed these opinions is an important part of this project. Unless the material is offensive or illegal I will not remove posts and entries.
– The website may change it’s layout and interface at any point, it is felt that it will always need adjustments as the project goes along. The way “Bunny Blog” entries are made may change throughout the project. Please be patient and contact the artist for technical support.
– Have permission to post photographs of others before uploading them to the site.
– is a public site.

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